July 14th, 2005

Renaissance Festival Podcast, Episode 4, July 15 – 17, 2005

Featuring music from Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin, Sterling in New York, Silver Leaf in Michigan, Colorado, and Southern Connecticut Renaissance Faire.

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Bristol Renaissance Faire
Seelie Court, “Three Jolly Coachman” from The Court Is Now In Session
URL: http://www.ilevel.net/seelie-court/main.htm

Sterling Renaissance Festival
Cantiga, “Skillywidden” from Martha’s Dragon
URL: http://www.cantigamusic.com/

Colorado Renaissance Festival
Siler & Clarc, “Finnegan’s Wake” from A Little Longer

- I want to send a quick shout out to RenRadio. Michael McDane Harris added us to http://RenRadio.com. That combined with iTunes, http://www.RenaissanceFestival.com, and Aaron Drake’s podcast at http://CelticMusicNews.com has earned us hundreds of new subscribers.

- Speaking of RenRadio. About a year ago, Michael recorded a feature on Pirate music at Renaissance Festivals. He broke that down into three different segments. We’re gonna podcast those here over the next few weeks. Check out our show notes at RenaissanceFestivalMusic.com to find out details about these websites and the bands you are listening to today.

Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire
The Gutterpups, “John Riley” from Within the Lamp

Southern Conneticut Renaissance Faire
Blackjacks’n Blarney, “The Battered Mug” from The Battered Mug

- We’d like to thank http://www.Faires.com/ for providing the easy weekly listings of renaissance festivals. If you want to contribute interveiws, sound bytes, or music, email me at marc ATthebards DOT net wih REN FEST PODCAST in the subject line. We would love to have you involved in this podcast, so please drop us a line and let us know what you think of it.

Closing the Faire
Brobdingnagian Bards, “Lily the Pink” from Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales