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Renaissance Festival Podcast's Journal
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Monday, June 21st, 2010

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Renaissance Festival Podcast #132 – Feature on Fairy Day
Renaissance Festival Music dot com

Renaissance Festival Podcast #132 – Feature on Fairy Day

June 22nd, 2010

Music from Djilia Phralengo, Cast In Bronze, Marc Gunn, Maidens IV, NeidFyre, Queen’s Gambit, Vince Conaway, Haggis Rampant, Dan the Bard, Joni Minstrel, Sirens’ Song, Brobdingnagian Bards, Kaade, Three Quarter Ale. Interview with Twig the Fairy. www.renaissancefestivalmusic.com

Today’s show is brought to you by
Blackthorn Village Renaissance Faire
All of the romance…. none of the plagues.
Blackthorn Village Renaissance Faire is a new festival
located in the hills of Northeastern Arkansas.
Enjoy a weekend of faire magic.


Correction: Jerry Barry not Jim Barry
Hall of Fame Nominations
Five-year anniversary of the show is show #133


“Enchantment” by Djilia Phralengo
from Rheliq

“Dance Of The Fireflies” by Cast In Bronze
from Spirit Of The Bells

“Stardust Serenade” by Marc Gunn
from Heart’s Ease

“Fiddlers Magic” by Maidens IV
from Four Aflame

“King of the Faeries/Rights of Man” by NeidFyre
from Waddles from the Sea
Interview with Twig the Fairy

“Fairy Story” by Queen’s Gambit

“The Butterfly” by Vince Conaway
from Distractions From the Muse

“The Fairy Lullaby/Gin I Were A Baron’s Heir” by Haggis Rampant
from Wee Beastie

“The Fairy Princess Picklesauce and the Hungry Manticore Monster” by Dan the Bard
from Manticores and Owlbears: Songs about Dragons and the Dungeons in which they dwell!

“Give the Land Back to the Trolls” by Joni Minstrel
from Joni Minstrel & The Revolution Against Monarchs

“Spirits of The Sky” by Sirens’ Song
from Starlight And Shadow

“Lady Faery” by Brobdingnagian Bards
from Songs of the Muse

“The Faery Queen” by Kaade
from At A Loss For Words

We want your comments and suggestions. Email us at music@renaissancefestivalmusic.com. We want to thank everyone who listens to this podcast, tells their friends, and interacts with us on our various forums. A very special thanks to those who financially support the podcast by making donations or through your purchases of music through renaissancefestivalmusic.com.

“All Souls Night” by Three Quarter Ale
from Three Quarter Ale

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