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Renaissance Festival Podcast's Journal
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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

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Renaissance Festival Podcast #136 – Feature on Silent Lion

Yeaa... Itunes is back >:-}

Renaissance Festival Podcast #136 – Feature on Silent Lion

Music from by The Rogues, Whiskey Bards, Tulstin Troubadours, Axel the Sot, Hey Nunnie Nunnie, Feature on Silent Lion, Vince Conaway, Bocca Musica, Iris n Rose, Craig of Farrington, Richard Griffith, Pandora Celtica. www.renaissancefestivalmusic.com

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Brobdingnagian Bards Reunion Concert at DragonCon 2010
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“Amazine Grace” by The Rogues
from Made in Texas

“Pirate Lullabye” by Whiskey Bards
from The Recruiter…Free Rum Ain’t Free

“Black Nag” by Tulstin Troubadours
from Rennies Of Unusual Sound

“The Old Dunn Cow” by Axel the Sot

“Cheerful Giver” by Hey Nunnie Nunnie
from Hey Nunnie! Nunnie!

“Backyard Renaissance” by Silent Lion
from Into the Medieval World

FEATURE – Silent Lion
Podcast Promo from Z-Net Central

“Flowers of Edinburgh” by Vince Conaway
from Next Market Day

“Il bianco e dolce Cigno” by Bocca Musica
from Fyer, Fyer!

“Trouble Seeing Harry” by Iris n Rose
from The Crass Menagerie

“A Lady Sweet and Kind” by Craig of Farrington
from Nice

Live Recording by  Richard Griffith
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“Irish Rover” by Pandora Celtica
from F’n Sharp

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