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Renaissance Festival Podcast's Journal
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Monday, September 13th, 2010

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Renaissance Festival Podcast #144 – Talk Like a Pirate Day

Renaissance Festival Podcast #144 – Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 14th, 2010

Music from Rambling Sailors, Pirate Comedy Show, Crimson Pirates, The Jolly Rogers, Dogs in Doublets, The Dregs, Captain Black Jack” Murphy, Pirate Extraordinaire, Clandestine, Marooned, The Limeybirds, Voltaire, Pandora Celtica, Flying Fish Sailors, The BOOM, The Pirates of Rogues Cove, The Pyrates Royale, Barleyjuice, Mallory and McCall. www.renaissancefestivalmusic.com

Sponsor: Celtic Invasion Vacations

Expand your Celtic music world when you
travel with Marc Gunn, The Celt Father,
Experience the sites with your fellow Celts
during the day. At night, join Marc Gunn in song.
Next up is Ireland in 2011. We’re heading to
back to Dublin, plus a visit to the untapped
countryside of Donegal and Sligo.
Visit CelticInvasion.com for more details


Talk Like a Pirate Day is here again on Sept 19. So grab ye bottle of Rum Mates and Celebrate the RUM! Oh and Pirates and Wenches
Cast your votes in the 6th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards.  See past winners here.
St Patrick’s Day Podcast. We are six months until St. Patrick’s Day. Now you can enjoy great St. Paddy’s Day music once a month from The Celt Father.
Mallory of Mallory & McCall is under constant bed rest due to illnesses. Please visit the website and support the band with your purchases.


“Pirate’s Life” by Rambling Sailors
from Bright Shining Clear

“The Blackened Pearl” by Pirate Comedy Show
from Pirate Comedy Show Album

“Come ‘n Be A Pirate” by Crimson Pirates
from Come ‘n Be A Pirate

“Roll Me Hearties” by The Jolly Rogers
from Pirate’s Gold

“Pirate Song” by Dogs in Doublets
from The Circle and Dogs in Dublets Sing!

“General Taylor” by The Dregs
from Our Drunk Goes To Eleven

“PSA – Talk Like a Pirate Day” by Captain Black Jack” Murphy, Pirate Extraordinaire
from Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse

FEATURE – Interview with Captain Black Jack” Murphy, Pirate Extraordinaire

“A Drop of Nelson’s Blood (Roll the Golden Chariot Along)” by Captain Black Jack” Murphy, Pirate Extraordinaire
from Pogue Mahone Means Kiss My Arse

PROMO – The Ren Fest Experience Podcast

“Saucy Sailor” by Clandestine
from The Ale is Dear

“The Fair(e) Lass” by Marooned
from Marooned

“Faith’s Pirate Jokes” by The Limeybirds
from YO HO! Pirate Album

“The Beast of Pirate’s Bay” by Voltaire
from To the Bottom of the Sea

“Sister Selkie” from Pandora Celtica
from Out of the Box

“King of the Cannibal Islands” by Flying Fish Sailors
from Loch Ness Monster

“Down Among The Dead Men” by The BOOM
from Prepare To Be Boarded

“The Lime Juice Ship” by The Pirates of Rogues Cove
from Setting Sail

“High Barbary” by The Pyrates Royale
from Tales of the Brigantine

“Modern Pirates” by Barleyjuice
from Six Yanks

We want your comments and suggestions. Email us at music@renaissancefestivalmusic.com. We want to thank everyone who listens to this podcast, tells their friends, and interacts with us on our various forums. A very special thanks to those who financially support the podcast by making donations or through your purchases of music through renaissancefestivalmusic.com.

“The Derelict” By Mallory and McCall
from Kings of the Sea

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