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Renaissance Festival Podcast #145 – Interview with Lady Ettie

Renaissance Festival Podcast #145 – Interview with Lady Ettie

September 21st, 2010
Music from My Lady’s Cutlass, Djilia Phralengo, Axel The Sot, The Pyrates Royale, Kaade, Interview with Lady Ettie, Phillip Hole, Clandestine, Cantiga, C. Wayne Owens, Siler & Clarc, Jesse Linder.

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Celtic music, the Traditional and the Twisted
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St Patrick’s Day Podcast. We are six months until St. Patrick’s Day. Now you can enjoy great St. Paddy’s Day music once a month from The Celt Father.


“Battle of the Sexes” by My Lady’s Cutlass
from We Be Pirates!

“The Fallen” by Djilia Phralengo
from Oracle

“The Fly” by Axel the Sot
from Tales From The Tavern The Best of Axel The Sot

“The Brigatine” by The Pyrates Royale
from Tales of the Brigantine

“Suaontraigi” by Kaade
from At A Loss For Words

FEATURE – Interview with Lady Ettie
PROMO – The Ren Fest Experience Podcast

“The Crayfish Song” by Phillip Hole
from Digging It

“Back to Chico” by Clandestine
from To Anybody At All

“Reels” by Cantiga
from Otter’s Pool

“Limerick #2″ by C. Wayne Owens
from We’re Really In It This Time Doo Dah

“Whiskey in the Jar” by Siler & Clarc
from Two Long At The Faire

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“The Humors of Whiskey” by Jesse Linder
from The Bramble and the Rose

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