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Renaissance Festival Podcast #146 – Interview with La Paloma Hats

Renaissance Festival Podcast #146 – Interview with La Paloma Hats

October 5th, 2010

Music from Abby Green, Craig of Farrington, Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogs, The Lost Boys, Mallory & McCall, Interview with La Paloma Hats, Jack Salt & The Captain’s Daughter, Tartanic, Circled by Hounds, Gallamor the Bard, Bedlam Bards & Andruss.

Sponsor: Celtic Invasion Vacations

Wouldn’t it be amazing to walk among the rolling green
hills of Ireland? Picture the texture of dtanding
stones, the sounds of Irish fiddle, and the wet taste
of Guinness on your lips and you’re just now beginning to
understand the magic of each Celtic Invasion of Ireland.
The next trip is scheduled for June 13-20, 2011.
Find all the details when you visit the
website at .


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“Beidh Aonach Amarach” by Abby Green
from Einini

“The Chill Eastern Winds” by Craig of Farrington
from Blue Upon Blue

“Skeleton Crew” by Capt’n Black’s Sea Dogs
from Tales of the Black Dog

“The Hod Song” by The Lost Boys
from Heroes & Scoundrels

“Dirty Ol’ Bird” by Mallory & McCall
from Kings of the Sea

FEATURE – Interview with La Paloma Hats
PROMO – Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

“Water is Wide” by Jack Salt & The Captain’s Daughter
from Bring Us a Barrel

“Amazing Grace (Hendrix Mix)” by Tartanic
from Unstoppable

“Cooliskerry” by Circled by Hounds
from Chasing Our Tails

“Dark Wanderer” by Gallamor the Bard
from Gather Day

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“The Mermaid” by Bedlam Bards & Andruss
from Barnyard Bedlam: A Cock and Bull Story

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