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Welcome to the Renaissance Festival Music Podcast. Every week, I will bring you the latest updates and play music for bands performing at Renaissance Festivals in you neck of the woods.

Just visit the show notes for details of the latest artists featured in this week's program.

How can your festival be featured?

This podcast only features music and comments from folks that are currently at Renaissance Festivals around the nation. If you are in a Ren Faire band, or you are have a way to record live happenings at renaissance festivals, I would like to feature you.

Just email me an MP3 (128kbps) to marc at thebards dot net.
Put REN FEST PODCAST in the subject line.

I'll do what I can to let my listeners know where you are playing.

What is a Podcast?

Have you ever downloaded a radio program and stored in your iPod or other MP3 Player? That's the general idea of podcasting.

Podcasting is a new technology that allows individuals like me to create our very own radio show to share with people who enjoy similar things. To make things easier, you can copy the RSS feed below, insert it into a program like iPodderX, and automatically download new programs as they are released.

Just transfer those MP3s to your Digital Music Recorder and you can listen to the show anywhere you go! Here's the RSS fee for this podcast: http://renaissancefestivalmusic.com/RenFestPodcast.rss